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General Surgery
  • Dover Street Doctors - Dr Abdul Khan
    Consultant Rheumatologist
    Dr Abdul Khan
  • Dover Street Doctors - Dr Andrew J Birnie
    Consultant Dermatologist
    Dr Andrew J Birnie
  • Dr Carys Thomas Dover Street Doctors
    Consultant Clinical Oncologist
    Dr Carys Thomas
  • Dover Street Docotrs - Emilia Duarte Williamson
    Consultant Dermatologist
    Dr Emilia Duarte-Williamson
  • Dover Street Doctors - Dr Farhan Bari
    Consultant Rheumatologist
    Dr Farhan Bari
  • Dover Street Doctors -Mr Kannon Nathan
    Consultant Clinical Oncologist
    Dr Kannon Nathan
  • Dover Street Doctors - Dr Konrad Grosser
    Consultant Cardiologist
    Dr Konrad Grosser
  • Dover Street Doctors - Dr Kurt Ayerst
    Consultant Dermatologist
    Dr Kurt Ayerst
  • Dover Street Doctors - Dr Mathilda Cominos
    Consultant Oncologist
    Dr Mathilda Cominos
  • Dr Rakesh Raman Dover Street Doctors
    Consultant Clinical Oncologist
    Dr Rakesh Raman
  • Dover Street Doctors - Mr Alastair Balfour
    Consultant ENT surgeon
    Mr Alistair Balfour
  • Dover Street Doctors - Henry Sharp
    Consultant ENT
    Mr Henry Sharp
  • Your Consultant    My Availability:...
    Mr Nick Kopsachilis
  • Dover Street Doctors - Mr Nigel Padgham
    ENT Lead Clinician
    Mr Nigel Padgham
  • Dover Street Doctors - Mr Niyi Agboola
    Consultant Gynaecologist
    Mr Niyi Agboola
  • Dover Street Doctors - Mr Philip Housden
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Mr Philip Housden
  • Mr Vikram Dhar - Dover Street Doctors
    Consultant ENT Surgeon
    Mr Vikram Dhar

The Dover Street Doctors

This group was set up in 1992 by Bob Heddle, one of the most respected senior General Surgeons in East Kent.

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Bob Heddle's philosophy was to bring together the administrative support for a group of like-minded, high quality, independent doctors and particularly surgeons, who had private practices based around Canterbury.