Spencer private Hospitals

Spencer Private Hospital Margate


Ramsgate Road, Margate,
Kent CT9 4BG
Tel: 01843 234 555
Web: spencerprivatehospitals.com

Spencer Private Hospital Ashford

Arundel Unit, William Harvey Hospital,
Ashford, Kent TN24 0LZ


Tel: 01233 616 201
Web: spencerprivatehospitals.com
Spencer Private Hospitals, in Ashford and Margate, offer well over 200 private treatments and surgeries and have built and sustained a reputation for delivering high quality private healthcare services in East Kent.

Whether general surgeries, cosmetic surgery, non-surgical cosmetic treatments and physiotherapy we are building a service to deliver all your healthcare needs and at a service level you demand.

The larger of the two hospitals is a 22 bed independent hospital situated in Margate which has been open since October 1998. The second hospital comprises of a consulting suite in Ashford which opened in March 2016. Both hospitals have a reputation for providing excellent medical and surgical facilities supported by Specialist Consultants, Specialist Nurses and Physiotherapists.

For further information about Spencer Private Hospitals please visit our website spencerprivatehospitals.com

Consulting & Treatment rooms
Theatres / Endoscopy suiteS
MRI & Diagnostic Imaging suites
En-suite bedrooms